In a QGIS 3.10 project, I've set up a relationship between two postgis table. In postgis, table A has two unique fields: "id" and "name". "Id" is the primary key but "name" is used as a foreign key for table B as "name A".

In the QGIS project's properties, I've set up the relation as so: Parent layer: layer A Referenced field: Name Child Layer: layer B Referencing field: Name A

This works as expected, I can then create attribute form for both layers, with the form of layer A having a section for showing layer B's attribute form.

However, I noticed that when I open a the attribute table of layer B, the field which should be showing "name A" is instead showing the "Id" field of layer A.

How can I set up the layer B form so that it shows "name A" as expected? (note I do not have this"error" in Postgis when i check the database in PgAdmin). Maybe I should set up a "reverse" relationship in QGIS?

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OK, found the solution myself and posting it here for reference:

In the layer B properties, attribute form: selecting the "Name A" field will now bring new options for displaying data, including a new option in "Reference relation" tool: "Display Expression". There the field from table A to be displayed can be selected in the drop-down menu.

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