I have annotations stored in mxd document, when I select some annotation, I tried to get the selection through graphics selection, so I always get the rectangle of the dataframe (because I'm working on a axPageLayoutControl), and when I use feature selection I get nothing; so none of them return the annotation selection.

How could I get the annotation selection in ArcObjects?

I'm using ArcObjects 10.1.

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Annotations are stored in the Graphicscontainer of BasicGraphicsLayer, so this code get the selection of Annotations, it works for me :)

IGraphicsContainerSelect graContSel = (IGraphicsContainerSelect)mapDocument.ActiveView.FocusMap.BasicGraphicsLayer;

m_enumElem = graContSel.SelectedElements; 


elem = m_enumElem.Next();

ITextElement txel = elem as ITextElement;
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    +1 However, I've found IEnumElement will often not start at the beginning unless I explicitly call Reset(). Commented Oct 23, 2012 at 13:29

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