I have pandas dataframew ith two fields: ID and geometry (geometry is already in WKT). I want to change this dataframe into geodataframe so I can save it as shapefile.

I have tried to change it into geodataframe in the followong way:

covex = gdf(covex, crs="EPSG:4326", geometry='geometry')

that didn't work and I got this error message:

TypeError: 'GeoDataFrame' object is not callable

covex = gdf(covex, crs="EPSG:4326", geometry=covex.iloc[:,1])

but I got the same error messege.

What do I do wrong? I thought I should pass the geoemtry column there but seems like it should be somethng else. how can I change this into geodataframe and then to shapefile?


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I think you are missing a function there(gdf.GeoDataFrame), I'm assuming you are importing geopandas as gdf.

here is a link to the documentation for creating GeoDataFrames, although I don't see anything about using a df to create, but I can't imagine it wouldn't work https://geopandas.org/reference/geopandas.GeoDataFrame.html https://geopandas.org/reference.html#geodataframe

import geopandas as gdf

# Thish should create a new dataframe
covex = gdf.GeoDataFrame(covex, crs="EPSG:4326", geometry=covex.iloc[:,1])

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