I have an ArcPy routine that will often fail if the processing extents are not set to "Default" but I can't find any documentation on how that is done. I've tried the obvious arcpy.env.extent = "DEFAULT" but it doesn't seem to change anything. Also tried arcpy.env.extent="MAXOF".

While on the topic of processing extents, will setting the processing extent on the menu of an arcpy routine also set the extents accessed under Geoprocessing>Environment>etc?

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    Sep 3, 2020 at 16:48

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I don't see anywhere on the documentation where you can set the extent to default. Default just uses the calculated extent from the tools that run. I would assume it would be similar to not setting an extent, that is not setting arcpy.env.extent.



Extents are inherited on a nested system. You can set environment settings at the global level which can be overridden by a model or script and finally can be overridden on a tool. So starting at the highest level should flow all the way through, unless you override at a lower level, such as a tool.


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