I wrote some simple code that created multiple polygons using the Buffer tool. I will use it in a toolbox and therefore want the outFeatureClass to be automatically added to the current map.

The following code doesn't work. "outcome" is the outFeatureClass I want to add.

pw = r"C:\Users\Main\GIS\Data\ArcGISProject\ArcGISProject.gdb\outcome"
aprx = arcpy.mp.ArcGISProject("CURRENT")
aprxMap = aprx.listMaps("Map")[0]

Running the code in the ArcGIS Pro Python command line I receive an error:

 "ValueError: r"C:\Users\Main\GIS\Data\ArcGISProject\ArcGISProject.gdb\outcome"

The env.workspace for the Python file is set to r"C:\Users\Main\GIS\Data\ArcGISProject\ArcGISProject.gdb".

  • What is the full error message including line number? If you have set arcpy.env.workspace then that should be part of the code snippet that you present. – PolyGeo Sep 4 '20 at 19:11

If you read the help file on the addLayer() method for a map it takes a "Layer or LayerFile object". You have passed in pw which is a string which happens to represent a path to a Feature Class, so not a Layer Object. ArcPro wants you to access a dataset via a layer file but as you are directly accessing the FeatureClass I assume a lyrx file does not exist.

You create a Layer object using the MakeFeatureLayer tool.

So this is what you can do in ArcPro 2.6:

with arcpy.EnvManager(addOutputsToMap=True):
  pw = r"C:\Users\Main\GIS\Data\ArcGISProject\ArcGISProject.gdb\outcome"
  • Thanks. This works fine when running the code in the ArcGIS Pro Python command line. When I run it in a toolbox it doesn't work although there is no error message. – svd Sep 5 '20 at 16:07

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