I am making a webmap using QGIS3. However, I set the text-label to be invisible from a certain zoom-level onward, and visible from another zoom-level. It displays correctly locally in QGIS edit screen but it does not work after I export it to web. (using qgis2web plugin)

Goal: to make text disappear at 1:1800 scale(zoom) level and above. (text appear below 1:1800 when zooming out)

This is what I mean: setting panel for label display

Result after exporting is that "Lot number and land area" will not even show up at all. I try both OpenLayers and Leaflet.

(this is the example with no label display setting based on zoom level) --> export outcome: https://landing-at-ven.web.app/kelson_output_1/index.html --> Ideally, I want to hide the appearance of text label totally when I zoom out to a certain level.

Bad impression: enter image description here

I wonder is there anyway I can modify the output code to modify and realize what I want to achieve or am I getting some settings wrong?

  • I'm not familiar with qgis2web plugin and the maps it creates, but if it creates vector layers, you'll have to modify the created Leaflet/OpenLayers code and do the zoom filtering on the client side.
    – TomazicM
    Sep 9, 2020 at 9:57

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I think, this is not possible. Working with labels is difficult within qgis2web. You have two possibilities:

  1. Vector - Geometry tools - Centroids Save your layer. Set zoom/scale level for the layer, NOT for the labels (create labels). Size for points: 0px. Other placement for the labels: Move all points or move some points (...before 0px.....)

Now you have two layers: Polygon layer and point layer with hidden labels at zoom xy.

  1. Or do not show the labels. Show Information only, if a user click to a polygon. So you have much possibilities for many infos (numbers, text, links, pictures, videos (per iframe)).
    You could categorisized:
    201-400m² etc.
    with different colors.
    Now the user click only into polygons for "him" m² size interest.

I think number "2" is a good solution, because it is an interactive map. The user must click to get information, but he also see different colors of polygons with a size sorting. There are too much numbers within a small area.

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