I'm trying to filter features in a QGIS layer to those with the following in their "description" attribute.



I think what I need is something like this, with the appropriate escape sequences replacing LINEBREAK,LINEBREAK:

"description" LIKE '%CC_W</td>LINEBREAK,LINEBREAK<td>3%'

I've tried \r and \n to no avail. Both of them generate no filter hits even when I search them alone over my feature set, which definitely does have line breaks in the "description" attributes.

"description" LIKE '%\r%' 0 hits

"description" LIKE '%\n%' 0 hits

  • Tilde doesn't work. "description" LIKE '%~%' 0 hits. – Kenji Yamada Sep 8 at 19:49
  • I got a parse error for that. "description" ~ '%\n%' – Kenji Yamada Sep 8 at 20:09
  • txt LIKE '%\n%' works for me, after copy-pasting the sample data from the question – JGH Sep 8 at 20:28

Try this expression "description" ~ '\n'


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