Is it possible to use the Calculate by Expression tool to output geopackage layers. For example, with the batch option for the polygon to line function. With the following expressions I can create individual shapefiles or individual geopackage files but not layers in a geopackage file;

This creates a separate geopackage file for each layer;@project_folder ||'/' || @INPUT || '_line'

enter image description here This creates a separate shapefile for each layer; @project_folder ||'/' || @INPUT || '_line.shp'

However, I can't find a way to output layers to the one Geopackage file. The Polygon to Line function seems to default to individual geopackage files if no extension is given. The following creates output - not individual layers but separate geopackage files; @project_folder ||'/test.gpkg layername=' || @INPUT ||'_line The file names end up like this; enter image description here

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To save the output of a geoprocessing algorithm into a new layer/table of an existing geopackage, you can use the following syntax:

ogr:dbname='C:/Path/To/Geopackage.gpkg' table="New_Table" (geom)

If you want to use this in Calculate By Expression for the outputs of a batch processing, the expression could look like the following:

'ogr:dbname=\'' || @project_folder || '/Lines.gpkg\' table="' || @INPUT || '_line.shp" (geom)'

This will return the output parameters...

Example for batch processing into separate geopackge layers

... and will create a new geopackage layer for every input:

Batch processing log for separate new geopackage layers

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