I am using QGIS 3.4 to display eelgrass data from this website:


To get the specific layer I need I use this link to connect to an ArcGIS mapping layer and add layer #42:


This adds the data to my QGIS project but the data are classified into two classes called continuous and patchy. I would like to remove continuous from the symbology and legend as this class does not appear in my area of interest. I cannot figure out how to alter the text or remove continuous from the legend in QGIS using the layers symbology. I have tried to download the data as a TIFF file for my area of interest and this creates a TIFF file of junk with only 2.5KiB of space.

How do only display the patchy class of data in QGIS?

enter image description here


In QGIS use 'ArcGIS Feature Service' rather than ArcGIS Map Service.

Then you will be able to retrieve the vector data and style/export features as you wish.

Example: enter image description here

(QGIS 3.14 used here)

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