I am a long time user of various GIS packages and am starting to explore QGIS in more detail. I have a polyline shapefile with some multipart features. I did not create the shapefile, but must edit it to fix the multipart features - they need to exist as single part features. Its easy enough to run the Topology Checker and create a "must not have multi-part geometries" rule to identify the problematic features. Its also easy enough to select the offending features and run the "Multipart to singleparts" tool to get single part features.

I noticed that the default output is set to [Create temporary layer]. Is there a way to set the output as the original layer instead of creating a temporary layer? If not, then what is the "normal" process for appending the layer containing the single parts into the original layer that had the multipart features? Naturally before I would append the temporary layer, I would delete the multipart feature from the original layer.


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Since v3.4, QGIS supports In Place Editing. That means you can now make changes to individual objects within the source layer.

  • Select multipart geometries.
  • Type tool name (Multipart to singleparts) in Locator bar (search box) in the status bar.
  • Double click the tool you need under Edit Selected Features. After double clicking the tool, all multipart geometries are converted to singleparts within the source layer. That means you don't need an extra appending process.

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