I need to calculate distances between points that are overlapping a layer with a line (representative of a river corridor (thus there are two layers; one is the points the other is a line). I've tried to follow this example (Points layer distance from the start of line layer in QGIS). I get an output, and I think I'm doing everything correctly, but I'm not sure what unit the distance measurement is coming out in. If I use the measuring tool in QGIS I get very different values.

See below:


Here are some screen shots of the attribute table, points and line layer.

However, for example, if I measure the distance between point 5 and 6 using the measuring tool I get a very different answer.

enter image description here

Where am I going wrong please?

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According to the big bright yellow warning line, I would guess that the distances are expressed in degrees.

To get distances in meters, you must first reproject the lines/points to a suitable projection such as 27700

  • Thank you. I think this was it. I still had a problem but is seems to have fixed itself now. when I had both in the same coordinate system the line and the points wouldn't match up, and only did when they were in different systems. But I recreated the layers and eventually they matched on same CRS. Not sure why.
    – Dasr
    Commented Sep 16, 2020 at 8:21

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