I'm new here and I'm new at programing with GDAL C#.

My question is how I can get the value of SRTM GEOTIFF pixel to compare with it's neighbors, and how can I get the values of Geotiff tags.

  • With the Python bindings, I would read the GeoTiff pixel values into a numpy array. Is there equivalent large array access in C#? – DavidF Oct 24 '12 at 14:50
  • Hi DavidF, probably it will work, but in my program I need to use a mask 3x3 who will use to get the image pixels values to compare (or it is what I'm thinking for my porpose). – José Roberto Ribeiro Filho Oct 24 '12 at 19:01

You have two questions:

  1. Reading pixel data from the Geotiff: Here you find a C# GDAL Read Raster Code Sample. The final reading method is called Band.ReadRaster!

  2. Reading Geotiff-Tags: Depends which Tags you mean...

    • If you want to read the GeoTransform-Parameters (Georeference-Info), you would do that with the method Dataset.GetGeoTransform.
    • If you want to read the Projection-Parameters, you would do that with Dataset.GetProjectionRef.
    • If you want to read any other Geotiff Tags, forget GDAL and use any other lib, like LibTiff.Net.

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