I'm trying to perform ANIR index calculation on my image collection. I'm having trouble writing the code in the right way. ANIR index formula is :


(a2, b2 and c1, are Euclidean distances between bands B4, B8, B11/B12 respectively).

This is the function I have written so far-

var addANIR = function(image) {
  var ANIR = image.expression(
    'B4': image.select('B4'),
    'B8': image.select('B8'),
    'B11': image.select('B11'),
    'top':A.pow(2).add(B.pow(2)).add((C).pow(2))/ (ee.Number(2).multiply(A).multiply(B)),
    'cosin': top.cos()

  //NDVI index
  return image.addBands(ANIR.add(ee.Image(0.0)));
  //Add 0.0 value to NDVI (currently not in use)

This function gives me an Error. What is wrong with the function/code?


I've never calculated this index, and am not convinced I got it completely right. But based on what you provided, it could look something like this:


var addANIR = function(image) {
  var a = ee.Image().expression(
    'sqrt((832.8 - 644.6)**2 + (i.B8 - i.B4)**2)', {i: image}
  var b = ee.Image().expression(
    'sqrt((1613.7 - 832.8)**2 + (i.B11 - i.B8)**2)', {i: image}
  var c = ee.Image().expression(
    'sqrt((1613.7 - 644.6)**2 + (i.B11 - i.B4)**2)', {i: image}
  var anir = ee.Image().expression(
    '1 / cos((a**2 + b**2 + c**2) / (2 * a * b))', {a: a, b: b, c: c}
  return image.addBands(anir)  
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  • Thanks a lot, it works! – user166621 Sep 16 at 12:28

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