I need to rotate only one label from three seen below

enter image description here

I found some solutions here:

How to rotate labels by the same angle as the map in the composer?

QGIS Labels Rotation

and also here:

Using Trigonometry To Place And Orientate Labels

But it looks like they are referred for all labels belonging to the given layer. I just want to set the condition for for rotating one of them.

My expression could look like this:

  WHEN "fid" = 18 then rotation 'degrees 45'

but QGIS says, that my expression is invalid.

Is anyone able to help?

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Rotation accepts int, double or string(including number) value.

  WHEN "fid" = 18 THEN 45 
  WHEN "fid" = 28 THEN '45'
  WHEN "fid" = 38 THEN 45.0

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