How do I select multiple features in a vector layer using the Query Builder in QGIS?

Using U.S. Census geographic data, I'm trying to select a large number of specific block groups using the GEOID feature / field.

Based on an answer found here and using the LIKE operator, I've used the following query in the Query Builder:

"GEOID" ILIKE ('34013000100%', '34013000200%')

This results in error:

OGR[3] error 1: SQL Expression Parsing Error: syntax error, unexpected ','.

I've also tried using the LIKE and IN operators; changing the wildcard from % to _ (a single underscore); and other separators replacing the comma, all with error results.

I note that filtering for a single value (such as "GEOID" ILIKE ('34013000100%') works fine.

A sample data file is found here.

  • Try using an IN statement: "GEOID" in ('1234', '4534', '3454', '34652') – DPSSpatial Sep 16 at 16:49
  • @DPSSpatial When using the IN operator, i.e., "GEOID" IN ('34013000100%') or "GEOID" IN ('34013000100_'), QGIS returns no attributes but substituting IN with LIKE returns the expected attributes. – Catalyx Sep 16 at 18:48

Try writing a multiple LIKE statement with the values you're trying in an IN statement.

In the image below, there are 2 sets of selected features for each LIKE statement (highlighted in pink):

"GEOID" like ('34013000100%')  
"GEOID" like ('34013000200%')

enter image description here

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  • Yes, the GEOID column is in TEXT format. The IN operator seems to work without the wildcards, i.e. if I specify the full value I'm seeking to filter. Hence, it doesn't work with "GEOID" IN ('34013000100%', '34013000200%') (or with one or more underscores) but works with "GEOID" IN ('340130001001', '340130002001'). A sample data file is here – Catalyx Sep 16 at 21:42
  • @Catalyx right- you don't put the % in an IN statement... or underscores... I really don't understand what you're trying to do - select blockgroups that have a GEOID greater than a certain INTEGER value ie GEOID > 34013000100? – DPSSpatial Sep 16 at 21:54
  • Pardon the confusion. I'm trying to filter a TEXT field by using wildcards. In this case, a full GEOID (in STRING format) of block groups in the referenced database has 12 characters and I know the first 11 characters that I'm looking for (i.e. up to the Census tract level). Since I don't know the last character (block group level), I'm trying to use a wildcard for the filter. I hope this better explans. If not, I can give a specific example based on the linked file. – Catalyx Sep 16 at 22:31
  • @Catalyx Got it- I think - see my updated answer... let me know. – DPSSpatial Sep 16 at 23:24
  • Running the filter seems to work for up to 30 values in the Query Builder's filter expression and after which it gives an error OGR[3] error 1: Too many recursion levels in expression. Do you think there is an easier way than to add the values in multiples of 30? – Catalyx Sep 17 at 15:37

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