Got a silly but probably easy-to-solve problem: Why does the Google Maps Aerial hybrid layer not show up if I ticked on the Geolocate user (enter image description here, see the image below) field for exporting (qgis2web) on mobile devices? With mobile device, I tried both Chrome, and Safari. (p.s. it works well on desktop PC)

enter image description here

source: hatarilabs.com/ih-en/how-to-add-a-google-map-in-qgis-3-tutorial I exported in OpenLayers format.

I guess it could be some default location blocking issue with the browser. When the page load, it will first ask you "can the browser know your location: Allow | Block ?" But I really want to know how to get around with it. Really need the satellite hybrid layer to work.

  • Now I have got this issue sorted... but once I host this web map onto a purchased server with domain name.. the Geolocate user button won't function... does anyone know why? (The webpage I hosted would not ask me if I allow or block the location detection - why is it different? - I used to publish onto free firebase site to test out, and it works.. but with a valid purchased domain, the geolocate stops working) – Andy Yang Sep 17 at 21:15

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