I have a layer (pointLayer) with point features: Fields: ID, toID.

All points have a value in ID, some have a value in toID. If a point "A" has a value in toID, I want to display a line between point "A" and the point with the ID = point "A"'s toID. The line doesn't have to be stored permanently, but it would be good if it automatically appeared/disappeared upon a change of toID value.

How can I best achieve that?

My approach so far has been:

  1. Creating a new GPKG layer of geometry type = Lines (lineLayer) and adding one field: fromID.
  2. Copying all points, changing the wkt from "PointZ" to "LineStringZ", giving them some fake geometry and pasting them to the lineLayer.
  3. Then updating the geometry like:
geom_from_wkt('LineStringZ(' ||
x(geometry(get_feature('pointLayer','ID',fromID))) || ' ' ||
y(geometry(get_feature('pointLayer','ID',fromID))) || ' ' ||
z(geometry(get_feature('pointLayer','ID',fromID))) || ', ' ||
x(geometry(get_feature('pointLayer','ID',attribute(get_feature('pointLayer','ID',fromID),'toID')))) || ' ' ||
y(geometry(get_feature('pointLayer','ID',attribute(get_feature('pointLayer','ID',fromID),'toID')))) || ' ' ||
z(geometry(get_feature('pointLayer','ID',attribute(get_feature('pointLayer','ID',fromID),'toID')))) ||

But that means if I change something in the pointLayer, I have to update the geometry of the lineLayer to see the changes.

Looks like I can achieve similar result using PointConnector, but that involves generating/updating the "from - to" table and the input layer each time (because the first field must be "the joining attribute found in the from-to list").

Another idea I got was to somehow use a virtual layer for this, i.e.:

SELECT "ID", "toID", geometry
FROM pointLayer
WHERE "toID" <> ''
and somehow update, or create the geometry.

But my SQL knowledge is minimal.


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OK, so the keywords here were "Geometry generator" and "make_line". Thanks Val P, for leading me to those :). I solved this by simply specifying "Geometry generator" as the "Symbol layer type" and an expression:

make_line($geometry,geometry(get_feature(@layer,'ID', toID)))

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