I have an oracle database that contains versioned and non versioned feature classes.

Each feature class has editor tracking enabled, so when a feature is added or updated, I can see the date the change occurred, and from that can calculate the maxdate of that featureclass to get when it was last "modified". However if a feature is deleted that information is not captured within the featureclass (therefore the last modified date will be incorrect). I know that if it is versioned the OBJECTID is captured in the deletes table, but there is no date field (that i am aware of).

Is there a SQL way of getting the last modified date of a feature class, whether it is versioned or non versioned and regardless of whether it is an insert, update or delete.

  • You could create a table with a row or each table, and add a trigger to the business table to update that row on INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE. There will be a performance penalty for this trigger. And then you have to decide whether a versioned edit that does not reach the the business table qualified as an edit, and add triggers to the A and D tables as well if so. – Vince Sep 17 '20 at 21:54
  • It looks like there are some interesting results when I google "oracle date of last dml". Have you tried searching that sort of thing? – User1973 Sep 18 '20 at 17:05

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