I am trying to filter a MODIS image collection for two date ranges with the Python API of Google Earth Engine, but I'm encountering the following problem.

In the JavaScript Google Code Editor, I would do something like this:

var modis1 = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/006/MOD11A1');
var rng1= ee.Filter.date('2019-02-01','2019-06-30');
var rng2 = ee.Filter.date('2020-02-01','2020-06-30');
var rngor = ee.Filter.or(rng1,rng2);
var modisfiltered = modis1.filter(rngor);

And this would work. In Python, instead, the code stops on the ee.Filter.or line because of an "Invalid Syntax" error.

Is it because or is a reserved keyword in Python?

How can I obtain the same result?

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Typing help(ee.Filter) in the Python console shows that the Python API uses ee.Filter.Or, with a capital "O".

That's the first time that the integrate help function helps me more than a help search though, Google Earth Engine API online documentation is pretty lacking on Python syntax details.

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