I am trying to open a geodatabase file and getting error message ValuError : Null Layer. I am using geopandas.read_file.

import geopandas as gpd

I get error Null Layer: u''


You have a typo, .gpd should be .gdb and you probably need the full path to the file geodatabase.

You can also try specifying layer name:

import geopandas as gpd

df = gpd.read_file(r'/home/bera/Downloads/HI_Hawaii_slr_final_dist.gdb', layer='HI_Hawaii_low_0ft')
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  • That was typo here on stackflow..Actual code works for others data sets. i have tried to list layers using fiona.listlayers(". ") and I get banlk [].... data set used is coast.noaa.gov/htdata/Inundation/SLR/SLRdata/FL/… – vishal Sep 18 at 19:37
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    Then edit and update your question with the code you are actually using – BERA Sep 20 at 8:15

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