What changes are needed to migrate scripts from the ArcGis 9.x environment/gp-object to the ArcGis 10/arcpy environment?

Can anyone provide a good overview what the changes are?

Can someone share pitfalls etc from their own experience?

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GeoChalkboard can give you a good overview of the changes!

Here's the list, but check it out for more detail:

  1. Replace the import statement
  2. Replace all gp. with arcpy.
  3. Check your capitalization.
  4. The result tool is different.
  5. Replace any del gp statements.
  6. The overwrite tool is different.
  7. Import the env module from arcpy.
  8. List item
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    One little comment: 2. Replace all gp. with arcpy isn't really needed if you assign your import to gp, lik so: import arcpy gp = arcpy. Which also makes 5. obsolete, as well.
    – LarsVegas
    Commented Oct 26, 2012 at 8:45

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