If I load a WMS service into QGIS I could query with the selection tool for every pixel the altitude value. Where does QGIS get this altitude value from? A WMS does not normally have any altitude values.

How could I export this as a pointcloud/mesh/grid? Actually if I export the wms, the altitude is everywhere zero, but as described above QGIS has the altitude so I want use it.

WMS-URL: https://sgx.geodatenzentrum.de/wms_dgm200

  • It's a DGM, so obviously it has altitude values, otherwise it wouldn't be a DGM. You can't export WMS layers.
    – Erik
    Sep 23, 2020 at 7:05

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QGIS use an WMS OGC standard called GetFeatureInfo to get feature info values from the WMS. If you in a newer QGIS turn on the Debugging/Development Tools Panel and start logging you can see the request sent to the WMS server. If you copy the GET URL and run it in a browser you will download a QML file with the info as GML. You cannot get the entire map only point info. Many providers also make their WMS available as download but I don't if this is possibly from Geodatenzentrum.


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