I have failed in all previous attempts to build PostGIS on macOS, centos, or ubuntu in a manner that results in the creation of the address-standardizer and the reverse geocoder.

I have tried all the 'make from the cli' guidance available to diligent searches over many years. I believe the obstacle has consistently been the exclusive focus of erstwhile guides on the step-wise, sequential operations that they are themselves familiar with (this includes all versions of the PostGIS manual).

I'm now pursuing the 'build with eclipse-cpp' options because I'm tired of working with partial advice for exceedingly detailed command-line operations. And picking through the one-off questions about 'why doesn't this work for me' questions to find some contextual perspective (the essential missing piece) provides details that are simply too difficult to aggregate into principles.

So, could someone confirm for me whether it's sane to imagine that I can install a PostgreSQL.org binary or GitHub repo of PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 18.04 server, along with the 'server development' packages? And then follow the PostGIS manual's build instructions absolutely precisely, and then have a working address-standardizer and reverse-geocoder extension that actually works?

Or is there a more reliable (absolutely reliable?) manner to go about this insanely fragmented body of overlapping, underlapping, disjointed instructions?


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