I have a feature class of lake contours. This feature class is the result of multiple lakes' contour data being appended into my Contours feature class. I now have over 300,000 lines of contours, and I'm not done. This is slowing down processing and performane to an untenable degree. I need to merge these lines based on the fact that they're from the same lake, and they share a common contour value. So for example, I am currently going about this by 'select by attributes' attributes on my contours feature class, where lake name = "" and contour = "" then I just merge them in editor. But I want to be able to automate this with a script.

Any ideas?


Try the dissolve tool. This will merge polylines where their ends touch. Logically a contour from one lake would not be touching any other lake so there is no need to checking if they are the same name and elevation.

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    Thank you @Hornbydd! Something so simple, I imagined was going to be much more complicated. This did what I was hoping for. Thanks again :) Sep 28 '20 at 14:04

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