I have multiple TIFF files which contain rainfall data. Different colours are associated with different levels of rainfall.

When I add the files to arcgis, a colour/colour code is created.

Colour Codes for TIFF File

Colour Codes for TIFF Files 2

These two images represent the colours/colour codes for two different TIFF files.

On first glance, it appears that ArcGIS assigns the same code to the same colour, however what I would like to know is if this is guaranteed? As in, will a shade of blue in one TIFF file have the same code as a shade of blue in another TIFF file?

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In my experience the assigned colors can differ. However, you can check the symbology of your TIFF files. There you can find how raster values are assigned to a colour or colour scale.

There you can make sure they are symbolized in the same way.

Apply Symbology From Layer (Data Management) might be available to you depending on your ArcGIS version. I have not used it before.


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