I'm using the function focal_hpc from spatial.tools in R to compute for each cell of a raster the average value (mean function) around windows of a specific size (3 cells x 3 cells).

I used to perform this analysis using the similar function focal, which is however slower than focal_hpc when using large raster files.

The advantage of focal is that the user can specify a matrix of weights. However, focal_hpc does not seem to provide this option.

I have been trying to use a custom function, such as:

f_mean = function(x,weight_pix){

However, I keep getting this error, which I do not really understand:

Error in weight_pix * x : non-conformable arrays

Do you have any suggestion?

  • The help indicates that the rasterEngine function should be used in leu of focal_hpc. That aside, help states " the input can be passed to the function as an array". Your current function is operating on a vector. You may be able to simply coerce the x matrix/array to a vector as the first step in your function. I commonly do this in raster::focal functions. Sep 30, 2020 at 18:19

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to apply a focal or moving window to your raster cells I can suggest two option, but I don't know if that's what you asked, and which one is faster ^^

The first one from the package raster :

f_mean = focal(x, w=matrix(1,3,3), fun = mean) #x (your raster) ; w= here a matrix 3*3 with value of 1

Second one from package mmand, that I prefere

Kernel = shapeKernel(c(3,3), type="box") # you can set the size of the window (or kernel), and shape of it!
tmp = meanFilter(as.matrix(r), Kernel) #you can use medianfilter as well
f_mean = setValues(r,tmp)

I like the package mmand, there are some other options, like gaussian filters, or morphological operation (opening, closing, etc)

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