I have added the raster layer from GeoServer as a WMS source.

There is an HTML filter to apply changes with GeoServer Raster WMS Layer, which is not working with RasterSymbolizer, and CQL filter.

Like setFilter for a vector layer with Mapbox GL JS.


<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="10" label="10 min" color="#e7ecff" opacity="0.898039"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="20" label="20 min" color="#e1f8e1"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="30" label="30 min" color="#cff7d3"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="40" label="40 min" color="#a9e2ae" opacity="0.941176"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="50" label="50 min" color="#a5cba7"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="60" label="1 hr" color="#e7d676"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="120" label="2 hrs" color="#f2b276"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="240" label="4 hrs" color="#e77657"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="360" label="6 hrs" color="#be3e40"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="720" label="12 hrs" color="#9b3234"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="960" label="16 hrs" color="#7a2764"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="1200" label="20 hrs" color="#531a45"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="1400" label="> 1 day" color="#291144"/>

I have tried:

  1. CQL but I don't know the property value for the raster layer.
http://yourserder:8080/geoserver//wms?service=WMS&version=1.1.0&cql_filter=circle_n=circle name&request=GetMap&layers=rasterlayer:rasterlayer&styles=&bbox=bounding boxof your desire&width=768&height=492&srs=EPSG:4326&format=image%2Fpng&transparent=true&

  1. I have also tried a RasterSymbolizer with the env variable but it also not working.

RasterSymbolizer SLD:

<sld:ColorMap name='env'>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="10" label="10 min" color="${env('10_min','#e7ecff')}" opacity="0.898039"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="20" label="20 min" color="${env('20_min','#e1f8e1')}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="30" label="30 min" color="${env('30_min','#cff7d3')}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="40" label="40 min" color="${env('40_min','#a9e2ae')}" opacity="0.941176"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="50" label="50 min" color="${env('50_min','#a5cba7')}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="60" label="1 hr" color="${env('1_hour','#e7d676')}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="120" label="2 hrs" color="${env('2_hour','#f2b276')}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="240" label="4 hrs" color="${env(4_hour), #e77657}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="360" label="6 hrs" color="${env('6_hour','#be3e40')}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="720" label="12 hrs" color="${env('12_hour','#9b3234')}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="960" label="16 hrs" color="${env('16_hour','#7a2764')}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="1200" label="20 hrs" color="${env('20_hour','#531a45')}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="1400" label="> 1 day" color="${env('1_day','#291144')}"/>


Is there any way to apply changes to the raster layer with GeoServer?

something similar.


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Here is the answer for working cql filter for raster with a raster symbolizer solution.

note: GeoServer validation will not pass for this sld but It will work, when you save.

idea is to change the opacity to zero for slider value.

<sld:ColorMap name='env'>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="10" label="10 min" color="#e7ecff" opacity="${env('value_0', 1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="20" label="20 min" color="#e1f8e1" opacity="${env('value_1',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="30" label="30 min" color="#cff7d3" opacity="${env('value_2',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="40" label="40 min" color="#a9e2ae" opacity="${env('value_3',0.941176)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="50" label="50 min" color="#a5cba7" opacity="${env('value_4',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="60" label="1 hr" color="#e7d676" opacity="${env('value_5',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="120" label="2 hrs" color="#f2b276" opacity="${env('value_6',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="240" label="4 hrs" color="#e77657}" opacity="${env('value_7',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="360" label="6 hrs" color="#be3e40" opacity="${env('value_8',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="720" label="12 hrs" color="#9b3234" opacity="${env('value_9',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="960" label="16 hrs" color="#7a2764" opacity="${env('value_10',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="1200" label="20 hrs" color="#531a45" opacity="${env('value_11',1)}"/>
<sld:ColorMapEntry quantity="1400" label="> 1 day" color="#291144" opacity="${env('value_12',1)}"/>

write javascript with

let variable = '';
if (value >= 0 && value <= 10) {
    variable = '';
} else if (value > 20 && value <= 20) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;';
} else if (value > 20 && value <= 30) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;';
} else if (value > 30 && value <= 40) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;';
} else if (value > 40 && value <= 50) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;';
} else if (value > 50 && value <= 60) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;value_4:0;';
} else if (value > 60 && value <= 120) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;value_4:0;value_5:0;';
} else if (value > 120 && value <= 240) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;value_4:0;value_5:0;value_6:0;';
} else if (value > 240 && value <= 360) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;value_4:0;value_5:0;value_6:0;value_7:0;';
} else if (value > 360 && value <= 720) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;value_4:0;value_5:0;value_6:0;value_7:0;value_8:0;';
} else if (value > 720 && value <= 960) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;value_4:0;value_5:0;value_6:0;value_7:0;value_8:0;value_9:0;';
} else if (value > 960 && value <= 1200) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;value_4:0;value_5:0;value_6:0;value_7:0;value_8:0;value_9:0;value_10:0;';
} else if (value > 1200 && value <= 1400) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;value_4:0;value_5:0;value_6:0;value_7:0;value_8:0;value_9:0;value_10:0;value_11:0;';
} else if (value > 1400) {
    variable = 'value_0:0;value_1:0;value_2:0;value_3:0;value_4:0;value_5:0;value_6:0;value_7:0;value_8:0;value_9:0;value_10:0;value_11:0;value_12:0;';

and apply with this URL for changes.


  • Geoserver doens't allow to save the incorrect SLD. It gives internal error Aug 27, 2021 at 7:26
  • Not true, but the above SLD is working without validation. Aug 27, 2021 at 7:55
  • It does not pass for me, latest Geoserer version. I suggested to dynamically create an SLD on server-side using PHP. Leaflet then calls this PHP on SLD param in layer.setParams It perfectly works and answers the question but seems that my answer has been deleted by a moderator. Really don't understand why Aug 29, 2021 at 6:55
  • Try to click on save, it will work without validation. Aug 30, 2021 at 6:09

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