I want to export each feature by zooming to certain scale (eg 1:25000 where feature will be inside map canvas) and save into PNG format. I know function


but how to iterate each feature with fix scale value.


Use the following script. Specify folder

canvas = iface.mapCanvas()
layer = iface.activeLayer()
ids = layer.allFeatureIds()

scale = 25000
delay = 250 # 250 milisecond
folder = "/path/to/folder/"

def prepare():
    if ids:
        fid = ids.pop()
        canvas.zoomToFeatureIds(layer, [fid])
        QTimer.singleShot(delay, lambda: save_as_image(fid))

def save_as_image(fid):
    file_name = folder + str(fid) + ".png"    
    QTimer.singleShot(delay, prepare)

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  • perfect code. thanks @kadir – Devenepali Oct 8 at 13:46
  • this code works perfectly inside python console of qgis. While i try to implement inside plugin the save_as_image function is not being called from lambda:save_as_image function.Can you please suggest – Devenepali Oct 22 at 2:23

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