Is there a way of creating a buffer (elliptical I guess) in QGIS that has independent distances to the North, South, East & West (from the attribute table) so the buffer could be 5m wide to the North, 4m to the East, 6m to the South & 2m to the West? This is to show tree crown dimensions on a map.

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    Try Rectangles, ovals, diamonds processing tool. At least possible to specify width and height
    – BERA
    Oct 9, 2020 at 18:02

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You can consider to use the geometry generator to do this job for you. The geometry generator will only generate the geometry of your symbol. The example below has a point theme with 4 attributes: "n", "s", "e" and "w" for your values and makes a polygon symbol with this four values with the expression:


it takes the pointgeometries ($x and $y) and generates a rectangle with the values from "n", "s", "e" and "w", which will be smoothed afterwards:

enter image description here

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