I was wondering if it is possible to plot TINs (Triangulated Irregular Networks) in Jupyter plots (with R kernel)?

I use R's sf package (in conjunction with PostGIS) and ggplot2 in Jupyter to plot vectors, which works nicely. But I couldn't seem to find a way to plot TINs.

I did quite a bit of search both here in GIS.SE and on the internet, but found very little. There is some hint in this GIS.SE question Creating TIN using R, that the RSAGA package can do some of the TIN handling. In addition,

TINs and some of the other simple feature geometry classes are not well supported in sf at the moment.

I am not familiar with SAGA or RSAGA, and a quick looking into the RSAGA github site shows that the package seems no longer actively maintained:

RSAGA is no longer under active development and no support is available. Try Rsagacmd.

Does any one know of a way to plot TIN in R Jupyter notebooks?

(This is with Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS)

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