I downloaded SentinelHub v2 plugin into QGIS 3.14.

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When I want to log in with my ID (from SentinelHub / Configuration Utility / ID) it says "Authentification failed, check your credentials". What can I do with it?

enter image description here

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I believe the error at the bottom says it all, and would suggest you check that you have correct client_id and client_secret copied from your "User settings" page in the dashboard (https://apps.sentinel-hub.com/dashboard).

The client_id is the "ID" of the selected OAuth client, while the secret was only visible to you when you have created a new OAuth client (with 'CLIENT_CREDENTIALS' type of grant).

Hope you manage to resolve the issue, otherwise feel free to post the issue also on our forum (https://forum.sentinel-hub.com)

  • I get it now...I followed steps for older version. Thank you.
    – Piskota
    Commented Oct 15, 2020 at 17:55

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