The export file has long, lat, elevation in a float format i.e. -70.8838319778442, 42.3222159164251, -14.6

The file is over 18 MB and each lat/long/elev is MOSTLY 1.5 meter apart and sometime maybe up to 5 meters. I am brand new to GIS, like 8 hours old, how to input data into a GIS (Open Source only) and keeping the lat/long info to overlay perfectly on a nautical chart?


Download QGIS 3.14. It is open source and easy to use. Then in the main menu select

Layer -> Add Layer -> Add Delimited Text Layer

This menu pops up - for geometry loading it is crucial to set which fields are coordinates and what their coordinate reference system is. enter image description here

After configuring layer options just load and this is the effect enter image description here

You can then easily overlay it on some basemap. enter image description here

  • For a nautical chart base layer, try Layer/Add layer/Add WMS/WMTS Layer Then a New connection to https://seamlessrnc.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/arcgis/services/RNC/NOAA_RNC/ImageServer/WMSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS for the RNC charts from NOAA, then Connect to it, choose a NOAA_RNC layer and then Add. This is from the "Seamless Raster Nautical Chart service from nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/data/…
    – Dave X
    Oct 26 '20 at 21:43

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