I have a GeoJSON layers with many items. If you open the attribute table you can select an option in one field clicking over the field and the choosing one of the displayed options. The problem is that I don't know how to save the GeoJSON layer with the options that I chose. I want to save the options chosen so when I open the layer again, the chosen options will be the selected ones by default.

  • Is the GeoJSON local or provided through some service? – nmtoken Oct 14 '20 at 21:41
  • GeoJSON is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. – Carolina Martin Oct 15 '20 at 8:50
  • 1
    Could you elaborate a bit more? I don't quite understand what you mean. Geojson layer - yep Attribute table - So assume Right Click > Open Attribute Table Field display options - not sure what you mean here? Do you mean the column width? Or the sorting? – nr_aus Oct 16 '20 at 3:57

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