I am trying to run QGIS processing tools in the OSGEO4W shell using the qgis_process functionality. I believe this functionality is fairly new as I have been having a hard time finding documentation for the syntax.

I am trying to run a raster calculator command using two tiffs as input, everything about the command runs fine except for the LAYERS parameter always returns an error as I am not sure how to list two layers in the parameter.

the command is:

qgis_process run qgis:rastercalculator --CELLSIZE=0 --CRS="ESPG:32610" --EXPRESSION=""octclip@1" + "marclip@1"" --EXTENT="D:/UPCD/clip1/octclip.tif" --LAYERS=D:/UPCD/clip1/octclip.tif D:/UPCD/clip1/marclip.tif --OUTPUT="D:/UPCD/clip1/try1.tif"

I have tried many things such as

--LAYERS=D:/UPCD/clip1/octclip.tif D:/UPCD/clip1/marclip.tif

--LAYERS="D:/UPCD/clip1/octclip.tif" "D:/UPCD/clip1/marclip.tif"



to no avail.

The documentation says it will allow paths both in quotes as well as without but I can not find anything regarding passing two paths to the parameter argument.

First time question poster, let me know if there is any information I am missing.

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I have attempted to run saga:rasterstatisticsforpolygons with multiple inputs through the qgisprocess R package and have run into the same problem.

raster.A <- "D:/file_A.tif"
raster.B <- "D:/file_B.tif"
multilayer <- "VRT_AandB.vrt"
grids_attempt.1 <- paste(raster.A,raster.B,sep = ';')
grids_attempt.2 <- paste(raster.A,raster.B,sep = ',')
grids_attempt.3 <- paste(raster.A,raster.B,sep = ' ')
InputPolygons <-"D:/ZonesForZonalStats.gpkg"
result = "D:/ZonalStatsAdded.gpkg"

grids_attempt.x represents my three attempts to find a syntax that works. I additionally attempted to use a virtual raster as input (multilayer above). I did not attempt to use a multiband raster because SAGA does not accept multiband inputs.

GRIDS = grids_attempt.x,  
POLYGONS = InputPolygons,
MIN =0,
MAX =0,
SUM =0,
MEAN =1,
VAR =0,
RESULT = result,
.quiet = FALSE

I also attempted multiple syntax guesses in the OSGEO4W shell including a Python list.

    qgis_process-qgis run saga:rasterstatisticsforpolygons --GRIDS="['D:/file_A.tif','D:/file_B.tif']" --POLYGONS=D:/ZonesForZonalStats.gpkg --RESULT=D:/ZonalStatsAdded.gpkg --METHOD=1 --NAMING=0 --RANGE=1 --MEAN=1 --STDDEV=1

My current understanding is that multilayer input functionality is not available due to a bug in QGIS:

Ok -- this is a QGIS bug. There's no way to specify a list of layers from a string value alone. How to specify multilayer input? #25

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