I have a lat/lng pair, and I need to find the nearest street and intersection.

For example: street X, corner with Y.

I have Nominatim and Overpass running.

My approach is:

  • Get all ways near the lat/lng with Overpass
  • Calculate distance between all nodes and my lat/lng
  • Find the two closest to my lat/lng and that belong to different streets
  • Those should be X, and then Y

Is there any better approach? I feel like I'm wasting CPU and underutilizing Overpass.

Also, I know that X and Y may not intersect at all. This only means they are close, nothing else.

Any help is welcome.

  • You should look at Postgis instead, Overpass won't give you the "nearest X"
    – mmd
    Oct 15, 2020 at 9:25
  • Thanks MMD, will try that. I'm looking at github.com/kartoza/docker-osm to get a running PostGIS server. Do you happen to have a "get nearest intersection" example? If it is not too much to ask. Thanks in advance. Oct 15, 2020 at 12:21

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You can try something like this :

node(around:80,-2.9027958824455133, -79.02495784310128)->.aroundnodes;

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