I noticed within the "Project Properties" there's an option for, Measurements --> Ellipsoid. What should this setting be configured to?

From what I read online, if this is set incorrectly, it can skew your measurements and provide inaccurate results.

Note: I'm currently using EPSG:26917. QGIS 3.14

enter image description here

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More information on your CRS can be found here: https://epsg.io/26917 There you can also see that EPSG:26917 uses Ellipsoid: GRS 1980 by default, and is a projected CRS, with UoM in meters.

GIS Stack Exchange tag description on ellipsoid:

An ellipsoid is a closed quadric surface that is a three-dimensional analogue of an ellipse. In geodesy, a reference ellipsoid is a mathematically-defined surface that approximates the geoid, the truer figure of the Earth, or other planetary body.

So your project set-up should be good as long as your project is within the extent given on the website at the top of this post.

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