I recently accidentally saved a QGIS Project to the wrong Geopackage. In contrast to layers the Browser Panel in QGIS (Version 3.10) currently has no option in the context menu to remove the project again:

Option to Delete a layer

enter image description here

Does anybody have a python code or another workaround to remove the Project from the Geopackage in QGIS 3.10?

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The option to remove a project from a GeoPackage is simple, if a bit counter-intuitive.

  1. Go to Project > Save To > GeoPackage...
  2. On the dialog that appears, choose the appropriate connection and project.
  3. Click Manage Projects > Remove Project
  4. The program will prompt you to confirm removal. Click Yes.

And that should do it! You can just cancel out of the Save to dialog now.

manage projects

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