I am accessing an ArcGIS Online feature service where each day the values in the table are accumulating rather than displaying that day's data. This is not my feature service so I do not have editing access.
For example, in the example below the value for Day 2 is 5 and the value for Day 3 is 15.

Day 1 10
Day 2 15
Day 3 30

Is there a way to calculate these values in a ArcGIS Online web map or application without writing into the service?

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    It would be trivial to write a proxy filter to present this information, but no, you can't change someone else's service in situ without permission. – Vince Oct 17 at 12:14
  • What is a proxy filter? – MapGeo Oct 17 at 15:09
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    A proxy filter is a web application that accepts a request intended for another site, forwards the request to that site, then returns what the site returned, except for the part it modifies to meet some requirement – Vince Oct 17 at 15:32

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