Normally in my office, I work with ArcMap. For making vegetation maps, I use one specific fill all the time (surface1.bmp). This fill needs to be a different colour in each polygon/feature. In this crisis-times I work from home, using QGIS instead. The desired fill is not available in QGIS, so I imported it in the symbology as an SGV. However, I want to be able to customize the colouring of this fill.

How is this possible?

I imported it using Raster Image Fill and import the .bmp. This did not work, so i converted to SGV using inkscape. It looks fine, but I still cannot change colours for each feature as one could do with any other pre-cooked QGIS symbol style.

See below for the .bmp picture.

enter image description here

I want to be able to make the black and white different colours in QGIS, without having to do this manual before uploading it in QGIS.

  • I couldn't find a way to change the color in QGIS just now although I could import the bmp just fine. One workaround would be to create marker fill versions of any raster fill symbols which I did long ago for other reasons. But you could create a different bmp/png/jpg for each color, import each and save symbol with the same tag to group them together. Then you just select the symbol with the color you want as needed.
    – John
    Oct 20, 2020 at 13:43
  • Read this on how to make SVG with color setting : gis.stackexchange.com/questions/45180/…, note that this only work on vector SVG so you will need to vectorise your .bmp before saving as SVG
    – J.R
    Oct 20, 2020 at 14:15

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You can do it directly with a raster image, with some restrictions (only one color can be changed). First you have to convert the image to a 2-bit (black and white) image, for example a tif. I used Irfan View for that: open your image and save it as TIFF with the black and white option. Then you use the image like described by yourself as a raster fill. Now the tricky part starts with using the wonderful draw effects in QGIS, best see the animated gif here: https://files.wheregroup.com/index.php/s/JciSsaC7RaCXiii This method only works for one color (the black one)...

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