I will have to switch from ArcGIS Pro to QGIS because my uni license runs out soon.

How can I import my map styles from ArcGIS Pro to a QGIS project?

I only know how to do it in ArcMap which I cannot use anymore.


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The process involves converting ArcGIS .lyr styles or QGIS qml styles, which essentially involves converting the styles to what is called an SLD (Style Layer Descriptor). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Styled_Layer_Descriptor

Here is a video tutorial showing how this person does it. https://www.burdgis.com/blog/view/convert-arcgis-layer-files-lyr-to-qgis-styles-qml/

There are also plugins available from within ArcMap called Arc2Earth which was the accepted answer in this thread. Converting ArcGIS layer style to Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) file?

Honestly though those tools can be more trouble than what they are worth - a lot depends on how you have styled your map! Unless you have hundreds of layer files, my opinion and experience is to just manually recreate them in QGIS.

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