I have a 3D polyline That i would like to 3D buffer 300 Feet XY and 100 Feet in the Z direction. I think it may be something similar to this but in 3 dimensions rather than 2 (Buffering point with different distance toward N, E, S, W using ArcGIS for Desktop?) This is buffering a point, whereas i am attempting to on a line. but the process could be similar, i suppose.

I would prefer a python approach, but ArcGIS would work as well, i suppose. I am going to have a couple hundred thousand of these lines to calculate similar to this one.

My end goal is to measure the amount of overlap that these irregular buffers

Here is an image I tried to make to maybe explain what i am dealing with a bit more. The lines do have bends and curves. Hopefully, someone may know of a way to accomplish this and some code to get me in the right direction.

enter image description here




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