I am trying to select rows in a feature layer in QGIS based on the values in a list. I am using PyQGIS in the python console

If I just specify one item to find in a column called "gps_code", the feature(s) are selected

I would like to pass a list of items to achieve a selection of features based on that list and have tried to use a list comprehension for this but I am not getting the desired result

layer.selectByExpression('"gps_code" = \'DAAG\'')

list_of_sites = ['DAAG', 'ENTC', 'ENBR']
layer.selectByExpression('"gps_code" = \'s\' for s in list_of_sites')

What am I doing wrong?

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Try using format and IN operator like:

list_of_sites = ('Arvika' , 'Avesta' , 'Arboga') #Note the tuple () and not list []
    'EXPRESSION':'"KOMMUNNAMN" IN{0}'.format(list_of_sites),

You can also list ids and select by them:

lyr = iface.activeLayer()
list_of_sites = ['Arvika', 'Avesta', 'Arboga' ]
fieldname = "KOMMUNNAMN"
lyr.select([f.id() for f in lyr.getFeatures() if f[fieldname] in list_of_sites])

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