Strange problem when working in the field on a mobile project: when I add a new feature in a point layer, the point is visible but the predefined label in the QGIS project doesn't show up in the QField app (red circle on the printscreen). Labels of older features which were synchronized are visible in the QField app (green circles on printscreen)! When I synchronize back to the project, then the label of the new point features added in the field do show up in the QGIS project...

I work in QGIS 3.10.8 and QField 1.7.4. The project is saved as a Geopackage and the label style is saved in the Geopackage as a standard style. I didn't have this problem in older versions of QField and it happens in two projects and different point layers.

What could go wrong? Is it a bug in the 2 or 3 latest versions of QField? enter image description here

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