Is there a way to select the features of a map by finding text within an attribute table? For example, if several features are listed as "Nature preserve" under a column called "Category", can I select all these features using an expression like, "Category" contains '*nature*', or something similar?

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Using the "select by expression" tool with the following expression

regexp_match("Category",'ature') > 0

will select all features where the string "ature" is found in the column "Category". I omitted the n because I actually don't know whether regexp is case-sensitive.

Replace "Category" with the actual name of your column.

The expression checks for > 0 because regexp_match returns the place where the string you search for starts, or 0 if the string isn't part of the attribute. So, everything where a value unlike 0 is returned contains the string you searched for.

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