My script needs to select each feature in layer. While selecting features I found some of feature are overlapped. Feature can be selected but cannot highlight in map canvas.

Is there any plugin or tools which can be used to separate overlapping feature into new layer so that one layer has all non overlapping feature and another layer has all overlapping features.

  • What is the geometry type of the layer? – Kadir Şahbaz Oct 27 '20 at 23:55
  • Geometry type is line. – Devenepali Oct 28 '20 at 0:51

I would use the topology checker plugin.



If you have something like this: layer with overlapping and non overlapping features

and you need this:

separated layers

For polygons:

  1. Make sure that Layer 1 have field with unique ID
  2. For polygons "Intersect" Layer1 with Layer1
  3. On new layer use "Extract by expression" with this expression: "id" != "id_2"
  4. With result layer "Extract by location" features from Layer1, using "intersect" for overlapping (LayerB), and using "disjoin" for non overlapping (LayerA) features.

For lines (and polygons too):

  1. Use "Join attributes by nearest" with the same layer as input 1 and input 2.
  2. On new layer use "Extract by expression" with this expression for non overlapping: "distance" > 0 and this for overlapping: "distance" = 0

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