I have a grib file (it is quite big) and I tried to use cdo to copy it to another grib file.

cdo -R copy ws10m_mean24h.grib test.grib

However, in this diff: https://www.diffchecker.com/w25sayVz it shows that the output of CDO on the right hand side misses the important metadata (Ensemble) and dataDate and startStep are altered.

Could someone explain to me what happened and how can I preserve the change from the source grib file: ws10m_mean24h.grib?

What I wanted to do is to invert the Lat axis (from South-North order to North-South order) of ws10m_mean24h.grib to test.grib but all the medata must be kept from ws10m_mean24h.grib.

cdo invertlat ws10m_mean24h.grib test.grib


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