How can I solve the problem shown below:

error message

I am trying to build a plugin that allows me to resample the raster data to any desired resolution of my choice with 20 being the minimum input value, as shown below:


Here is my code:

# Get layer object 
fn = 'output1' # where output1 is an output of a just created layer in an excuted action above 
# rlayer = iface.addRasterLayer(fn)
rlayer = QgsRasterLayer(fn, '')
ras_out = rlayer

processing.run('saga:resampling', ras_out, True, 1, 1, [], 1, output2)
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  • thanks@Vince. I am looking forward to receiving any assistance with my question. Thank you. – De Falasy Oct 27 at 17:02

As the error says processing.run() only takes two arguments. The first should be the name of the algorithm, so you've got that part right. The second is a dictionary of any additional parameters. So instead of:

processing.run('saga:resampling', ras_out, True, 1, 1, [], 1, output2)

you would need something like :

processing.run('saga:resampling', {"PARAM_NAME" : ras_out, 
                                   "PARAM_NAME" : True, 
                                   "PARAM_NAME" : 1, 
                                   "PARAM_NAME" : 1, 
                                   "PARAM_NAME" : [], 
                                   "PARAM_NAME" : 1, 
                                   "PARAM_NAME" : output2})

Note that "PARAM_NAME" is just a place holder ... you can look up actualy parameter names with processing.algorithmHelp('saga:resampling')

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  • Thank you. It helped alot. – De Falasy Nov 1 at 3:06

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