I have to do weekly updates on a table on SQL Server Enterprise geodatabase using Safe FME ETL Tool (drop/recreate). The table has the exact same name and exact same fields every time. When I do replace the table, the features show up as needed, but the popup will not show on the portal map after the table update.

If I reshare the layers using ArcGIS Pro then the PopUps will show again, but this is adding another time-consuming step that I would like to eliminate. I have tried multiple things, such as removing the layer and adding it again, also adding it "from web" using the rest url. Popups still do not show.

enter image description here

  • Using drop/recreate Is not a best practice unless the map service using the table is stopped during the operation. Even truncate/insert can be a problem on a live table (due to locks). Best practice with live tables registered with the geodatabase is to use update/insert/delete. Truncate/insert can work with Query Layers, since locks are not generated. I'll generally use a loader to insert to a staging table with a batch timestamp, then use SQL to UPDATE existing keys and DELETE keys no longer present, and then Append from a view which identifies new keys. – Vince Oct 28 '20 at 12:47

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