I am creating a topography map of many sites (200) around the UK in ArcMap 10.6. The map just has to show the site polygon, LiDAR and a legend.

The LiDAR is a stretched colour ramp which scales to the extent of the display map. As I flick through the sites in layout view, the LiDAR refreshes and scales appropriate for each site map. However, when I export to individual PDFs (using the standard DDP function), the LiDAR scale is fixed to the scale and range of the particular site I happened to be looking at the time. Meaning all sites have the same scale and range, and some therefore show no LiDAR data at all if they are not within the range of the "chosen one".

I am also running a script to export the DDP enabled mxd to JPEGs. This outputs something different from the PDFs. The JPEGs all share the same scale, but this is the scale of the entire data set (sea level to the highest point) meaning the relatively small changes in elevation at the site are not visible.

From looking around online, there's something called dynamic legends which I don't have access to that tier of license. Is it possible to have a refresh command between each export to refresh the legend and scale? and would that work? or any other method?

  • Dynamic legends are available in ArcMap at all license levels. – PolyGeo Oct 28 '20 at 12:44

Right click on the data frame in the table of contents. Click on "Properties" and select the "Data Frame" tab. Under "Clip Options" select "Clip to Shape". Then click on the "Specify Shape" button. Select "Clip to current data driven page extent".


  • Thank you for your comment. I just tried your suggestion, but unfortunately I'm still having the same issue, its still using the same scale for all maps – PeterB Oct 28 '20 at 13:31

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