Will the 2016 solution listed at Increase FeatureLayer click tolerance work in Web App Builder (ArcGIS Online) or perhaps a newer solution exists?

We have valid feedback:

I am having a little trouble finding the right place to click to get the info box to pop up on some projects. Can you add a selection feature to make that easier?

Please see attached syntax error I am seeing when attempting to use the suggested code in AGOL's (within WAB) Configure Popups (does a JS to Arcade converter exist?) and the code copy / paste below.

In 3.x, you can do this by overriding the "_calculateClickTolerance" function of the map's popupManager property. For example:

map.popupManager._calculateClickTolerance = function(graphicsLayers) {
    return 10;};

That is a very simplistic example, but you could implement whatever logic you want inside that function as long as you return an integer (preferably non-negative).

In ArcGIS Desktop

under Selection -> Selection Options -> Selection tolerance

exists and wondering where the similar option is in AGOL (WAB) for configure popups.

I've read through Your Arcade Questions Answered but have not found a solution yet.

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      var query = new esri.tasks.Query(); 
      query.geometry = pointToExtent(map,evt.mapPoint,10); 

function pointToExtent(map, point, toleranceInPixel) { 
   var pixelWidth = map.extent.getWidth() / map.width; 
   var toleraceInMapCoords = toleranceInPixel * pixelWidth; 
   return new esri.geometry.Extent( point.x - toleraceInMapCoords, 
                point.y - toleraceInMapCoords, 
                point.x + toleraceInMapCoords, 
                point.y + toleraceInMapCoords, 
                map.spatialReference );                            
  • The code is used to build a web application using JSAPI 4.2
  • Instead of passing in the map instance, pass it in the map view
  • The code was originally for the 3.x API
  • Works well with a tolerance of 15
  • Thank you Yogi.... I am getting parse errors when attempting to use this code in Pro 2.5 desktop and WAB(AGOL) "Configure Popups" .... is it possible to translate this JS into Arcade language? i.imgur.com/yaepQ4r.png
    – sirgeo
    Oct 29, 2020 at 14:32

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